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Day 15. Naomi*. 16

Saturday 9th December, 2023Naomi is my friend, she’s 46 now. I remember being in our first year at sixth form college, free of school uniform we could now wear what we wanted to college, express ourselves however we liked, my other friend and I dyed our hair purple and wore hippy clothes, Naomi was always …

Throwback Thursday: Words

15th August 2022 Words of love.Words of wisdom of advice,Words of guidance, words that give life.PickedPluckedRemoved.StrippedSquashedDeformed.Twisted and mangled, torn and abusedFormed into bullets, made into pain.Against their willTheir beauty destroyedWords that give life falling from the mouths of those who seek deathInsults hurled, spirits crushed, hearts hardened.Death.