Whilst I specialise in Domestic Abuse I am available for freelance writing on a range of subjects. I have written self help books for Summersdale publishers and various articles for magazines and websites. Click on the links below to read examples of some of the articles I have written.

If you think my writing style would work well with your project please get in touch. 

Examples of my work

The Gift. For The View Magazine

How I found Myself after Divorce. For Hello Magazine

Why being trauma informed is following in the way of Jesus. For Premier NexGen

Hitting Children is harmful and God does not give harmful parenting advice. For NexGen

Before we point the finger at Russell Brand the Church needs to get it’s own house in order and educate young people about consent. For Premier NexGen

You can also read examples of my most recent writing on the blog.

You can read reviews of my book at Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Steps-Finding-Yourself-Interactive-Self-Discovery/dp/1837991456/ref=sr_1_1?field-isbn=9781837991457&qid=1706260810&refinements=p_66%3A9781837991457&sr=8-1

It is always a pleasure to work with Sally. As well as being able to write fluent, engaging copy to a brief, she is organised, punctual and an excellent communicator.

Claire Berrisford- Summersdale Publishers

Sally provides excellent thoughtful and timely articles that cover the topic well and challenges the reader to action.

Andy Peck, Editor, Premier NexGen