Always Hopeful Facilitator Training | Workshops | Seminars and Talks

Always Hopeful Facilitator Training

If you would like to run an Always Hopeful programme you will need to have received training in three areas.

Part 1. Awareness of Domestic abuse and how to support survivors

Part 2. Facilitating Effective Groupwork

Part 3. The Always Hopeful Programme Facilitator training. 

Each day is 6 hours and delivered online. Places on each are £40 per participant and can be booked via the eventbrite links below. If you have more than five participants and would like training for your whole organisation this can be arranged either online or in person for a reduced cost. Please get in touch.

Please also get in touch if you would like training but cannot make the dates below.

(If you already have a working knowledge of facilitating groups or have already undertaken Domestic Abuse Awareness training elsewhere then you may prefer to book only days two and/or three. You cannot facilitate an Always Hopeful Programme without having had Day 3) 

Part 1. Awareness of Domestic Abuse and Supporting Survivors – 6 hours

This one day training course will give you a working definition of domestic abuse and a practical understanding of what constitutes abusive behaviour and how this can look in a Christian context in particular. We will examine the effects of abuse on victims/survivors and give practical advice on how to support survivors. 

  • What is Domestic Abuse and who does it affect
  • What does Domestic Abuse look like 
  • Why doesn’t she just leave? 
  • How faith and belief can play a role in domestic abuse
  • What are the short and long term effects of domestic abuse on victims/survivors
  • How can I support victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

    Upcoming training Date: Monday 9th September, 2024 (click to book)

Part 2. Facilitating Effective Groupwork- 6 hours. 

This one day training course will equip you to run any support group in a supportive and effective manner.  Unless you have prior experience facilitating domestic abuse support groups you will need this training to be able to facilitate an Always Hopeful Programme. The day covers: 

Part 3. Always Hopeful Facilitator Training – 6 hours.

If you wish to facilitate an Always Hopeful Programme this training is essential. It is a full day and covers the following. 

  • Principles, ethos and structure of Always Hopeful
  • Supporting deconstruction 
  • Making the programme your own.
  • Monitoring- isn’t it just pointless paperwork?
  • Facilitation practice. 

Upcoming Training Dates: Monday 29th July, 2024 (click to book)
Monday 23rd September, 2024 (click to book)

Online Women’s Workshops

You can book me to facilitate an interactive workshop for the women in your ministry. The workshops aim to be fun and thought provoking, encouraging women to embrace their full identity as a Daughter of God. 

Each workshop is an hour long and delivered online, although if you would prefer an in person workshop please get in touch as this may be possible depending on your location. 

  • Gender Norms and Biblical Womanhood.
  • Identity and humble self-esteem.
  • Let your Yes be yes and your no, no: Setting assertive boundaries. 
  • Conviction or condemnation? Dealing with guilt.
  • How to be an angry Christian. 

Minimum number of participants: 5
Maximum Number of participants: 15

Cost- £50


Like workshops, seminars are 1 hour long, but they are not aimed solely at women and they are not interactive, thus there is no limit on the amount of participants you may invite. They are also followed by a 30 minute Q&A or group discussion. 

If you require a longer or shorter talk, or have a topic in mind that is not listed, please get in touch as presentations can be tailored to your requirements. 

  • The effects of domestic abuse on children and how to support them in your youth ministry
  • Safeguarding domestic abuse victims within your church.
  • What is deconstruction and how to support those experiencing it.
  • The importance of peer support and how to facilitate it
  • Principles of effective groupwork delivery
  • Trauma, connection and agape (Christian) love
  • Humility and Self Esteem for Christian Women
  • The Power Inventory

Cost- £50