Groupwork Facilitator Training | Workshops | Seminars and Talks

Groupwork Facilitator Training

Facilitating Effective Groupwork- 6 hours. 

This one day training course will equip you to run any support group in a supportive and effective manner.  Unless you have prior experience facilitating domestic abuse support groups you will need this training to be able to facilitate an Always Hopeful Programme. The day covers: 

  • What’s so great about groupwork
  • What do survivors need from a group and a facilitator
  • Managing group dynamics and difficult behaviours
  • Setting boundaries and taking care of yourself 

Course Costs:
£350 Zoom delivery
£500 + travel expenses in person delivery

Minimum number of participants: 2
Maximum number of participants: 10.

If all ten places are filled this represents excellent value at £50 per person for a full days in person training.

Always Hopeful Facilitator Training – 6 hours.

If you wish to facilitate an Always Hopeful Programme this training is essential. It is a full day and covers the following. 

  • Principles, ethos and structure of Always Hopeful
  • Supporting deconstruction 
  • Making the programme your own.
  • Monitoring- isn’t it just pointless paperwork?
  • Facilitation practice. 

Course Costs:
£350 for Zoom Delivery
£500 + travel expenses in person

Minimum number of participants: 2
Maximum number of participants: 10.

If all ten places are filled this represents excellent value at £50 per person for a full days in person training.

Unless your facilitators already have experience running domestic abuse recovery programmes you will need both of these sessions in order to run an Always Hopeful Programme. If you book for them to be carried out on consecutive days then the cost will be reduced to £500 on Zoom or £750 in person (plus travel expenses)  for the two full days 


Workshops for women. 

I also run workshops for Christian women. These are ideal for women’s conferences or away days, or even something a bit different for your bible study group. The workshops aim to be fun and thought provoking, encouraging women to embrace their full identity as a Daughter of God. 

A full days workshop (6 hours) £300 on Zoom, £400 + travel expenses in person and covers the following: 

  • Gender Norms and Biblical Womanhood.
  • Identity and humble self-esteem.
  • Let your Yes be yes and your no, no: Setting assertive boundaries. 
  • Conviction or condemnation? Dealing with guilt.
  • How to be an angry Christian. 

You can select any one of those topics for a 1 hour workshop which is £75 in person or £50 on Zoom or any 3 topics for a half day (3 hour) workshop at a cost of £150 Zoom £250 in person

Minimum number of participants: 5
Maximum Number of participants: 15

Power Workshops.

At the heart of abuse is power and control. In this 2 hour workshop for both women and men we explore how power can be misused and what Jesus’ example teaches us about how to use our power. We will assess our own personal levels of power and consider what we might do with it.

Course Costs:
£200 + travel expenses in person 
£150 for Zoom Delivery

Minimum number of participants 5
Maximum number of participants 15. 


Course Costs:

Each seminar is 1 hour long and is followed by a 30 minute Q&A or group discussion. 

If you require a longer or shorter talk, or have a topic in mind that is not listed, please get in touch as presentations can be tailored to your requirements. 

  • The effects of domestic abuse on children and how to support them in your youth ministry
  • Safeguarding domestic abuse victims within your church.
  • What is deconstruction and how to support those experiencing it.
  • The importance of peer support and how to facilitate it
  • Principles of effective groupwork delivery
  • Trauma, connection and agape (Christian) love
  • Humility and Self Esteem for Christian Women
  • The Power Inventory