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A pair of battered Doc Martens, my favourite Oasis album and a massive clip frame filled with photos of my old life. All piled into my dad’s car as I headed off to University, filled with hope and excitement about what adulthood had in store for me. 

Three years later, degree certificate1 in one hand, marriage certificate in the other, I had different hopes and dreams, all centered on the man I had fallen in love with. The man who would spend another 13 years abusing me. 

In the decade since I escaped I have learned that fallible men are never the best place to store your hopes, your dreams or your heart. In that decade I have not only grown through my own recovery, deconstructed my own faith and rediscovered my own hopes and dreams; I have specialised2  in helping others to do the same. 

Today I am a writer, speaker, facilitator and trainer. I am passionate about faith, recovery, deconstruction, personal growth, equality, justice and most of all creating a church that is part of the solution to domestic abuse, not the problem. I love to write books, articles and even the odd poem to empower and inspire, or to provoke thought and change. I have developed the Always Hopeful Programme; an 11 week recovery programme for Christian women who have experienced domestic abuse and it is available for you to run in your church, with a full package of training for your facilitators. 

I am available for speaking or seminars on love and relationships, abuse, power, deconstruction and recovery. I am particularly interested in inspiring and empowering women. I offer training on how to support survivors of domestic abuse. Click through the links above for more details.

  1. BA (hons) Religious Studies and Theatre Studies
  2. I am a Recovery specialist, I worked as a groupwork facilitator in both a women’s refuge and in the community and am a fully trained and qualified facilitator of The Freedom Programme, The Power to Change and more.