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Reproductive Coercion
Domestic Abuse and Children
Spiritual Abuse In the Context of Domestic AbuseDomestic Abuse and Disability
10 early warning signs of an abuser
Some of the bible verses misused by abusers

Other Research On Domestic Abuse within the Church

In Churches Too: Church responses to domestic abuse. Restored 2018

Methodist Church 2012

Institute for Family Studies (US) World Family Map the ties that bind (2019)

An excellent Australian news report citing several studies and covering the way abusers misuse Christian concepts and biblical texts to abuse their victims

Additional Places to find Resources

Restored’s Survivors handbook is an excellent resource for you to give to survivors in your group with lots of practical tips.

Restored’s Church pack is an excellent resource for generally equipping your church to be a safe place for survivors

Women’s Aid are the experts in domestic abuse, their website contains a wealth of resources including a forum for survivors

NCDV Are a fantastic resource for those looking to understand their rights and who need help getting injunctions in place against their perpetrator:

Respect support both male victims and perpetrators

Always Hopeful Facebook Page

Hopeful T-Shirts

Outreach to Non-Christians

Always Hopeful is squarely aimed at Christian survivors, it seeks to help those who have experienced spiritual abuse to make sense of it.

If you would like to offer general domestic abuse support groups, free of Christian content to your local community I recommend the Own My Life Course or The Freedom Programme. I am a fully trained and experienced Freedom Programme Facilitator and am available to facilitate programmes in the Lancaster and Morecambe District upon request.