Throwback Thursday: Pray if you must….

27th February 2022.

Pray if you must
Pray if you must but wouldn’t it be better
To tweet your M.P. or write a letter?
Bake a cake, or buy some beans
And donate food to those in need

Pray if you must but there’s not much time
To light your light and let it shine
To buy a coffee, or sit and listen
To work in a refuge or visit a prison

Pray if you must but God’s out there,
In the smile of the punk with the dyed pink hair
Or the tears of the broken, the eyes of the poor
The cries of the victim, the shouts of ‘No More!’

Pray if you must, but bear in mind
What matters to God is that you be kind
That you cry out for justice and do what you can
To reflect God’s love to your fellow man.