Oh Holy Night!

Saturday 24th December 2022

It was not a bible that was placed in a manger
On a cold night in Bethlehem.
It was not in order to share systematic theology
That angels appeared in the sky to poor men.
It was not orthodox doctrine that led the Magi to cross the perilous desert
To worship.
They did not worship at the feet of religion
Herod was not threatened by The Law, or the rules, or the church.
He was threatened by pure, unadulterated love incarnate.

The shepherds had not studied ‘the word’
The Magi did not believe the right doctrine
Those who followed rarely knew “God’s will”
And on that cold night, in a full house, where the only place to sleep was in the room with the animals
Nobody assumed authority, nobody spoke for God, nobody preached
Not the wealthy travellers, nor the angels, not the shepherds, or the parents.
And certainly not the humble, helpless, mewling newborn infant
The Godhead, the entirety of all that ever was and ever will be,
There was no power in that stable,
No priests or pastors, bishops or vicars
No institution or hierarchy, no scripture or orthodoxy.
Just Jesus.
Just love.