Throwback Tuesday: Tulips

17th Jan 2023/ 19 May 2019

Yesterday was Blue Monday- supposedly the most miserable day of the year. We’re still deep in the middle of winter, nights are still dark and cold, but Christmas is over and the bills from it may be piling up. So today I thought I’d share this poem from May 2019, to remind us that there is light in the darkness and spring is only round the corner:

There’s tulips in my garden
And loose leaf tea in my mug
There’s laughter echoing through my house
And when there’s tears, theres a hug

There’s tulips in my garden
And slippers snug on my feet
There’s my frumpy old jumper comfy and loose
My work for the day is complete.

There’s tulips in my garden
And a battered old van by the side
There’s enough cash to take me away for a week
And freedom, and sun in the sky.

There’s friends I can call whenever I like
My life is resplendent in love
My children are healthy and happy and, well a little bit feral but you know, thats all good
All I am is enough.

There’s tulips in my garden
And I see someone smile every day
I dance in my kitchen, I cook and I sing
Badly, but that’s just my way.

There’s tulips in my garden
And arms wrapped round me at night
If it turns out that this is my lot in life
I reckon I’ve done alright