Throwback Thursday: The Journey

20th August 2022

We are all on a journey towards Christlikeness.

With the same guide.

Our good guide knows each persons strengths, and weaknesses. She knows where each of us needs to be challenged to grow and where we need to stop and rest.

She knows we all start from different places, and will choose different scenery along the way.

She knows when each of us will listen to her advice and when we’ll wander off for a bit and try to make our own way.

She knows all our different attitudes to and ideas about the journey ahead.

As we travel, we will all find beauty in different places along the road, all struggle with different aspects, some will complain more, others less, some will take rests while others plough on. Some will want to give up, but our guide is a wonderful encourager and never gives up on any of us.

Our journeys look different, but we still journey together, sometimes our paths will merge, sometimes they will deviate.

But when they do cross, let’s stop awhile. Let’s light a fire, toast some marshmallows. Let’s share our stories and have a laugh together. Let’s celebrate our triumphs and share our pains. Let’s listen and learn from other travellers. Let’s marvel at our guide’s wonderful patience and outstanding wisdom, they know this terrain well, they know us well. Let’s share stories of our time with them and as we bid each other farewell let’s offer one another encouragement and blessing for the rest of the journey, until we meet again