More men are attacked and murdered than women so why don’t men get 16 days?

29th November 2022

It’s day 5 of the 16 days of activism to end violence against women and girls. But did you know that in the UK more men are victims of violent crime than women? 60% of victims of violence are men, and whilst us women have been taught never to walk home alone, it’s men who are far more likely to be attacked by a stranger on the street. The number is even higher when it comes to homicide. In the U.K. in 2020 70% of homicide victims were male.

Which leaves a lot of men despondent about getting involved in the 16 days, it is not surprising that many people feel that we should actually have 16 days of activism to end violence against men.

Perhaps though, we should have a look at who the perpetrators of the violence are. In 2020 82% of perpetrators of violent crime overall were male, 92% of perpetrators of homicide were male. So yes, men, overall experience violence at higher rates than women overall (in the UK) but both men and women are predominantly experiencing that violence from men.

So, essentially women and girls are being subjected to violence and are being murdered by men.
And men and boys are also being subjected to violence and are being murdered by men.

The problem here is male violence. There may then be an argument for having 16 Days of Activism to end male violence, and perhaps that would be a more constructive way to look at this period of time. By considering the problem in terms of who the perpetrator is rather than who the victim is we can end violence against both men and women, we don’t need victims competing for attention or priority, we don’t need a battle of the sexes, we just all work together to end the bigger problem of violence, which is predominantly a male problem.

Who is responsible for ending male violence?
Who is likely to have the biggest impact on that?

I keep telling you: Men- we need you alongside us on this issue!

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