Throwback Tuesday:Remarkable

5th November 2017

The word remarkable keeps coming to me, it has done the last few months.

The last few years, after the turmoil and drama of living in and then leaving an abusive marriage I’ve celebrated my normal, peaceful, unremarkable life.

I deliberately chose unremarkable. And I’m not saying I was wrong to do so, indeed a few years of “boring” was, I maintain, just what I needed.

But recently I’ve realised that the unremarkable season of my life needs to come to an end.

I’m not content to live an unremarkable life.

I want my existence to have an impact on the world

I want to be surrounded by remarkable, interesting, exciting people

I want to raise my funny, unique and pretty damn amazing boys to be remarkable men

I want to work in a remarkable team, I want to worship in a remarkable church, I want to live in a remarkable place, I want to be part of a remarkable family.

And all that starts with me

It starts with me accepting nothing less in my life and in my relationships than remarkable.
It starts with me refusing to behave in any way that’s less than remarkable.
It starts with me remembering the remarkable God in whose image I am made.
It starts with me loving remarkably.

Remarkable. Accept nothing less. Be nothing less.