Love believes all things

Monday 15th May, 2023

Really? Like that the earth is flat? Or that horoscopes are real? Or that my abuser really is sorry and really wants to change?

God doesn’t want us to be naive, Proverbs 14:15 tells us “The simple believe everything, but the clever consider their steps” we’re also warned to exercise discernment, be aware of false teachers, wolves in sheep’s clothing, be wise as a serpent but gentle as a dove and to test the spirits. We are not to mindlessly accept everything we are told but to use our God given intellect, think for ourselves and prayerfully consider what is truth.

The language used in this passage refers to faith in a person or thing. If we love one another we trust one another (and should be able to trust one another) we believe in one another, and so encourage and support each other; we have confidence in one another . Similarly, as God is love we are assured that God has faith in us, believes in us, much like we would with our children. When children mess up, good parents do not declare them “lost” or “unworthy” rather they pick them up, dust them off and have faith that their child will learn from their failure, will try again and will eventually succeed. That’s how God sees us. We are not “failures” or “sinners” in Gods eyes, God believes in us, and so, we should believe in ourselves.

We’ve got this.