Throwback Tuesday: Angry Women

4th March 2021

Here’s to the angry woman.
The Bitch From Hell.
The Sweet but a Psycho, Bunny Boiling, Hysterical, Out of control, Madwoman.
Here’s to her “time of the month” “code red” “shark week” “must be a full moon” “oh fucking hell” “mad cow disease” ‘PMT” week.

The Moody Bitch.

Here’s to being a moody, abrasive, up her own arse, full of shit, opinionated gobshite.
Here’s to getting your knickers in a twist, your panties in a knot, riding your high horse and getting on your soapbox.

Here’s to not “calming down dear.”
Here’s to being like a Yorkshire Terrier, don’t cross her, scary lady, cute when she’s angry, who pushed your buttons, easy to wind up, hot mess.

Here’s to being an angry, dungaree wearing, man-hating lesbian feminazi.
Here’s to being crude, unladylike, unattractive, never getting a husband like that, not very sweet, common, loudmouth, disgraceful, not very Christian harlot!

Here’s to not getting back in the kitchen.
Here’s to the needing a good seeing to, she mustn’t be getting any, needs to be put in her place, shrew.
Here’s to wearing the trousers.

Here’s to being sassy, feisty, fierce, strident, scary, psycho, ugly and mad as a box of frogs.

Here’s to not being silenced.
To not being controlled.
To not putting up with being patronised, infantalised and insulted.
To using your voice.
Keep going.