Real Men?

4th December 2022

So how do we work together to end violence against women?
We start by correcting those images of masculinity and femininity we hold. Masculinity isn’t toxic. Being male isn’t toxic. Jesus was male and Jesus wasn’t toxic. When we talk about getting rid of Toxic Masculinity we’re not talking about “getting rid of masculinity” we are not asking men to become women, to ditch their male-ness, to do that would be to fail to reflect that part of God’s image that you have been tasked with reflecting.

But too often I also hear “you’re trying to turn us all into cissys, wimps or girly men!” This is toxic Masculinity talking. This is toxic masculinity once again trying to assert that a real man must be of a certain demeanour, must be tough and unemotional, drink beer and like sports. Let me say this; the Alan Carr’s, Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen’s and Gok Wan’s of this world are no less men than the Jeremy Clarkson’s and Tyson Fury’s. Men, you are not defined by your six pack (or lack thereof) or what you drink or whether you prefer black and grey or pink and sparkles. You are not defined by whether you like football or would rather curl up with a nice cup of tea and some knitting.

You can be whoever you want to be. You can like whatever you want to like and you can wear whatever you want to wear.

If you are the kind of guy who likes beer, enjoys sport, works out, wouldn’t be seen dead in cuban heels and can burp the alphabet that’s okay too. This isn’t broken masculinity (unless you feel pressured to pretend to like that stuff even if you don’t) Masculinity is nothing to do with personal tastes, it’s everything to do with how you treat others.

So, guys, over to you- how would you define masculinity?

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