For the Good Guys

26th November 2022
For the good guys.
We see you.
We see you roll your eyes when your mate tells that sexist joke.
We see your disapproval at catcalls, we notice that you respect us.
That you treat us as equals, ask our opinions.
We see you doing your fair share round the house, caring for your own children and not expecting to be lauded as a hero, because you know it’s not “heroic” it’s normal.
We see your grief when your sisters are hurt, we know you weep with us when one of us is killed.
We see the sickness you feel when you hear of another woman raped, murdered abused by a bloke you previously thought seemed okay.
We know that you appreciate that you will never know what it feels like to stuff your keys between your fingers as you walk home alone, or to feel a mans eyes upon your body as you go about your business, trying to ignore the feeling of dread creeping up inside. We know you care.

We know you’re the in the majority, that not all men are like Wayne Couzens, or Ravi Zaccharias or Donald Trump.
But too many are.

And we also see your silence.
Your hesitation.
Your fear about what will happen to you if you speak out.
We see when you choose the easy option;
Head down, walk on by.
Don’t rock the boat,
Don’t challenge the Status Quo.

We know you feel uncomfortable.
We hear that you don’t always know what to do, what to say.
We know it’s hard to be the lone voice speaking truth.

But you won’t be.
Because we’re already doing it, and we need your help.
We see you
And we need you.

16days #16daysofactivism #orangetheworld