It’s not always easy to see the wood for the trees
Especially when life has come crashing down and left you on your knees
When the darkness has gathered, hand in hand with your foes
And the birdhouse you built long ago in your soul
Didn’t weather the storm but fell down in the breeze

When the child you once were seems a story long past
Of a girl who just vanished, who grew up too fast
And the birdsong you whistled in the soul of your youth
Turned to silence, unbroken, afraid of the truth
That happy ever after was not made to last

So you find yourself lost and cold and alone,
This is not how you imagined it would be when you were fully grown
The life you dreamed of died a miserable death
And the birds you chased gasped their final breath
Leaving you with a life that’s not quite your own

With a body that’s broken and a mind you don’t know
You’re just a bit part player in someone else’s great show
You used to believe that inside you was a queen
Growing and learning until it was her time to be seen
Now, dethroned, she rots in her castle alone

Now in the shadow of that once mighty flame
Sits a broken woman who barely knows her own name
And the storm clouds gather, you sit in the rain
Not a queen, just a girl, so small once again
Shrouded in failure, drowning in shame

But lift your head up, turn your eyes to the sky
You’re a warrior sweetheart, hold your head high
You may feel defeated, you may want to hide,
But that queen, I know she’s still there inside
And believe me my darling, she is worth the fight

Her voice, but a whisper, I promise it’s still there,
The Birdsong may be quiet, just a note that you hear on the edge of the air
But strain, listen, hear it you must
You must rise from these ashes, shake off the dust
And run, though it hurts and your feet are still bare

You may need to climb, or to fight through some pain,
It’s going to be tough to learn to regain
But push on through
Because when you rise, and rise you will
Though you may feel like that small girl still
Your knees may tremble as your wings unfold
As you learn to step into the power that you hold
As you speak, kings will fall from their thrones
The light that’s within you will shimmer like gold
The mountains will crumble and fall into the sea
And the birds, Oh the birds! Will fly strong and free.