A Miracle

Friday 30th June, 2023

I’m pretty sure someone needs to hear this today, maybe it’s you, maybe it’s one of your friends.

You are a miracle.

Perhaps you’ve had a great day, perhaps you’ve had a crap day, maybe even a crap week, crap month, crap year. Maybe you feel like you haven’t achieved anything recently, aren’t anything special, don’t do very much. If that’s the case, you are wrong.
It doesn’t matter what you did today, it doesn’t matter what you do with your life, who you are or what has been done to you.

You are incredible

Why? Because you are human, and that is enough, you are human, and you are enough.

Humanity is astounding. I believe we are individually created and loved by the divine, others believe that divinity flows in and through every human, still others believe that there is no divine, we are simply flesh and blood, products of evolution, yet still, as such, we are remarkable.

In order for life to evolve on planet earth, the conditions had to be so very precise, and remain stable for an incredibly long time. Any slight variation in the position or composition of our planet, and life could not form, any random changes or interference over millennia and we wouldn’t have evolved beyond single cell organisms, as far as we know there is no other life in this vast universe, we are it. We are special.

And you? Of all the 117 billion humans that have ever existed you are the only one exactly like you. If humanity continues to exist for another 6 billion years there will still never be another you. The spark of divinity, of love, of light, that exists within you, will never ever exist anywhere else again, it is you, and you alone. Do not hide it, do not ever, ever be ashamed of it. You are so very special.

As billionaires spend their money and extinguish their lives flying to space, plunging the depths of the ocean in order to catch a fleeting glimpse at something wondrous, let me remind you that you don’t need money, you don’t need to travel, you don’t need to be an explorer or adventurer to see something truly remarkable. You only need to look in the mirror.