Day 6. Caroline’s daughter, 16

Thursday 30th November, 2023

“My daughter is 16, she was recently coming back on a train at around 4pm and 3 drunk men spent 20 minutes loudly talking about how “all blondes are sluts” whilst staring at my daughter. She tried to ignore them but she was terrified they would get off at her stop. No one did anything.

How do you teach your daughter to cope with this sort of thing? Keep your head down, hope it doesn’t come to anything. If worst comes to worst- fight. I’m 51 and sick of a lifetime talking about this”

3 adult men, 1 child!
Being drunk is no excuse for thinking this kind of behaviour is okay. Sadly, it’s not uncommon, and worse for Caroline’s daughter is that she’s highly likely to experience this kind of behaviour again: a YouGov poll carried out for UN Women in January 2021 found that only 3% of women aged 18-24 in the UK said they had not experienced sexual harassment.

That’s nearly all of us by the time we reach the tender age of 24! The majority of us don’t report it because there is no evidence it will make any difference: the next two stories demonstrate this and show instead how incidents like this simply force us indoors, and into self defence classes,